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"be enthused by the art of the possible"

A little about us...


We are a UK based company driven by change and transformation. Over the last 10 years we have operated within both the public and private sectors in and around the Nottingham region. A main focus of our work has been transforming public services and their process-led operations, with the main outcomes being financial savings, income generation, and better delivery to service users and customers. We have a portfolio of cloud based transformational applications from customer on-boarding to server architecture and SQL design to facilities management that can be refined to your needs. Alternatively, we can build and review your processes from scratch to your bespoke requirements. Let us work with you, helping your business grow and achieve its full potential by freeing up valuable time resources.    We realise the art of the possible for you. We understanding your business, customers and staff to ensure that the outcome excels for all.

Redefining the engine of your business...

SharePoint The engine of business - BAMTech

On the ground transformation is realised through seamless interaction between your customer interface and the autonomous back office environment.  We build systems using the various  coded interfaces such as HTML and PHP, linking to custom built SharePoint apps, providing a logic derived golden thread to your processes. Our developers are at the cutting edge of  implementation in the Cloud, which means there is minimal change to your businesses ICT infrastructure. 

How we operate...

How we operate... BAMTech

We work closely with clients to ensure that we can make a positive impact on their business. Honest opinions and working in partnership drives success, not the brand of the suit and we are keen to demonstrate our impact rather than try to portray something we aren’t. Coffee shops are our flexible working spaces. Our mantra is "be enthused by the art of the possible" which is evident when you meet our team, be warned as we are quite excitable!